Phase II of the Better Market Street Project

The Better Market Street project is now in the environmental review phase. During this phase, the Planning Department, as the lead agency, works with the BMS project team and an environmental review consultant to develop an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the project and discloses them for public review, consideration and decision-making.


The project will be reviewed under both the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  On January 14, 2015, the Planning Department issued a Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting.


To follow the Environmental Review Process of the Better Market Street project, visit the Planning Department web page:


We will keep you updated with information about the environmental review process, including technical studies and reports, as well as timelines for public comment periods and schedules for public hearings. We look forward to your comments and participation in the environmental review process. As always, your feedback is essential. Please leave us a comment and sign up for our mailing list to receive all project updates.






Better Market Street: Fact Sheet

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Better Market Street:
Fact Sheet