Commercial and Passenger Loading

The Better Market Street Project aims to improve the experience for everyone using the City’s busiest corridor for transit, pedestrians and bikes. Among other elements, the project proposes three changes to how commercial and passenger loading would function along Market Street:


  1. New private vehicle restrictions that would limit loading along Market Street to commercial vehicles, taxis, and paratransit. Other passenger loading, such as from Transportation Network Companies like Lyft and Uber would be required to occur at new white passenger loading zones on nearby streets’ intersecting Market Street. In addition, restricting loading at certain times is being considered to reduce conflicts with people bicycling during peak bicycle commute times.

  2. A new design for loading bays to improve access and safety. The bays would be at sidewalk-level with a mountable curb, allowing easier loading and safer passing for bicycles on the proposed new sidewalk-level bikeway. While most bays would remain in their current locations, a few would be moved or combined with other locations nearby.

  3. Over 40 new white passenger loading zones and more than 200 new yellow commercial loading zones on side streets near Market. These new zones are designed to provide adequate space for more loading activities to occur off of Market Street.



Renderings of Proposed Flex Zones


March 2018 public meetings

The sidewalk-level loading zones are designed to allow commercial vehicles and paratransit to load safely.


March 2018 public meetings

A mountable curb allows vehicles to pull across the sidewalk-level bikeway a park.



Detailed Loading Zone Maps

In addition to the new flex zones that will replace the existing street-level loading bays, there are newly added white passenger and yellow commercial loading zones on surrounding side streets. To view all of the zones as well as the positions of each flex zone, explore the maps below. There are a total of 5 separate maps that together cover Market Street from Octavia to Steuart. Hard copies are available by contacting Ian Trout below and will also be available at project Open Houses planned on June 1 and June 5.


The Hub: Octavia to 12th Street
Civic Center Mid-Market: 10th to 6th Street
Retail District: Jones to Ellis Street
Financial District: Stockton to Sutter Street
Embarcadero District: Sansome to Steuart Street



More Information

If you have specific questions about Better Market Street loading proposals or want to request hard copies of the loading maps, please contact:
Ian Trout

(415) 701-4556

Better Market Street: Fact Sheet

Click here to download the
Better Market Street:
Fact Sheet