Frequently asked questions about the Market Street Project

1. What is the Better Market Street Project?


The Better Market Street project offers a special opportunity to envision a new Market Street that is more beautiful and green; has enlivened public plazas and sidewalks; showcases public art and performances; provides dedicated bicycle facilities; and delivers efficient and reliable transit. The goal of the project is to revitalize Market Street and reestablish the street as the premier cultural, civic and economic center of San Francisco and the Bay Area while bringing the transit system up to date.



2. What is the study area?


The project encompasses Market Street between Octavia Boulevard and Steuart Street. The transportation system analysis will include blocks south and north of Market Street.



3. What are the project goals?


We will create a sense of PLACE, optimize MOBILITY, and foster ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT by:

  • Supporting the City of San Francisco's planned growth and economic development.
  • Providing faster and more reliable transit service for all users.
  • Improving safety, comfort and mobility for people walking, rolling, bicycling and riding transit.
  • Enhancing accessibility for all transit stops, sidewalks and street crossings.
  • Creating thriving public spaces that attract a diversity of people and uses.



4. What is the project schedule?


  • 2011 - 2015:  Public visioning, existing conditions studies and conceptual planning.
  • 2015 - 2019:  Environmental review.
  • 2017 - 2020:  Design and engineering.
  • 2020:  Begin construction on first segment of Better Market Street.



5. Are you considering car restrictions on Market Street?


Yes, the project proposes to restrict private vehicles on Market Street, from 10th to Spear streets. Buses, taxis, commercial vehicles and paratransit would be exempt from vehicle restrictions.



6. What is the construction schedule and how will its impacts be mitigated?


We are currently in environmental review and, pending approvals, plan to start construction for Phase 1 in 2020. Once a preferred design is chosen, the City will work with the community members and businesses to ensure the least impact possible during construction.


Better Market Street: Fact Sheet

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Better Market Street:
Fact Sheet