...to help make a Better Market Street.

The Better Market Street Project includes a robust community involvement process to encourage residents, merchants and the many and diverse groups along the Market Street corridor, from Octavia Boulevard to The Embarcadero, to participate and stay informed via community meetings, surveys, emails, newsletters, website updates and other social media venues.


What Can You Do?

Overarching Goal for the Community Outreach process:

Create inclusive outreach opportunities in the planning of Market Street that encourage the public to participate, learn, and give feedback.

Public and community input drove the conceptual design process through three rounds of public workshops and outreach, where the BMS project team engaged the public in a conversation about their priorities for Market Street. Three conceptual design options were developed and their impact is being studied during the environmental review phase.


During the environmental review phase involvement opportunities include helping the project team define the environmental scope by attending the scoping meeting, attending CWG meetings and sharing feedback, staying informed on Better Market Street proposals via the website and taking the time to share thoughts and ideas using the link to the right.


Please visit this website regularly for the latest information regarding the project.

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